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Nutrient Uptake

Acadian Plant Health™ agricultural solutions enhance nutrient uptake in plants. Our products stimulate plant physiology to make the best possible use of available essential nutrients. This is true in adequate soil fertility situations as well as in reduced fertility situations.


Nutrient absorption is important throughout all stages of a plant’s development. In the early stages, it helps with crop establishment while in the later stages, it helps prevent nutrient deficiencies and provides plant tissues with the nourishment they need for growth and development. Make applications – either foliar or soil applied – at the recommended rates and timings listed on Acadian Plant Health™ product labels. For nutrient uptake benefits, regular applications are recommended so that plants can optimize the use of nutrients during their entire life cycle. Acadian products mix well with fertility products to create your own synergistic mix.


Acadian Plant Health™ crop care solutions help make the best possible use of nutrients and in doing so, promotes improvement in crop yields and quality. Acadian agricultural products contain complex bioactive compounds that make it easier for plants to absorb and make use of essential nutrients.

  • They contain alginic acid (a complex carbohydrate) that bonds to micronutrients in the soil and makes them easier to be absorbed by the plant. It also serves as a food source for beneficial microbes in the soil.
  • They contain mannitol (a sugar alcohol) that also bonds to micronutrients in the soil and makes them easier to be absorbed by the plant.
  • They contain organic acids that feed beneficial microbes in the soil that help deliver nutrients to plant roots.