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    Seaweed 2.0 – a novel approach to innovative Agri-solutions aimed at sustainable agriculture systems.

    The use of seaweeds in agriculture dates back thousands of years. During the ancient roman times, plant seedlings were mulched with seaweed to promote their growth. In the coastal area of Europe, farmers incorporated seaweeds in the soil or used it as a compost. Starting from 1948, 18 countries had developed their seaweed resources for […]

    How seaweed extracts prolong food shelf life and decrease food waste.

    Food waste has a larger impact on the environment than most would expect. Consider all the steps involved in getting food to your plate. Food needs to be grown, processed, packaged, transported, and marketed before it’s finally sold. At each step food can be wasted and every time this happens all of the resources that […]

    Trust us, it works. Why biostimulant companies can no longer say this

    When it comes to farming, investing in something new often faces harsh criticism. There’s good reason for this. Taking a chance in agricultural practices isn’t a small ask. In some areas of the world, a farmer has one chance a year to get the best harvest they can get. Over the lifetime of a farmer […]

    How seaweed extracts can help wheat farmers combat drought

    Wheat prices recently hit a 14-year high – but high prices won’t help farmers when drought growing conditions have left them with nothing to sell Climate volatility is driving drought conditions Farming is a uniquely risky enterprise: farmers are at the mercy of the weather, interest rates, currency prices, government policies and fluctuations in the […]

    How Biostimulants can play a key role in delivering on Europe’s Green Deal goals

    The Green Deal presents a unique opportunity for biostimulant manufacturers to help the agricultural industry reduce synthetic chemical and fertilizer use as it works to feed the world Through its new European Green Deal, announced in 2021, the European Union (EU) wants to lead the world on climate action and promote sustainable agriculture in a […]